Great for Children

Great for Children

Best children’s activity on Lake Chelan!

Captain Wiley specializes in making your experience as effortless as possible allowing you to enjoy your time with your children. This is the only boat service that doesn’t require much commitment or time at all. You can enjoy the water and the rest of your vacation, too. What a concept! Have the captain pick you up at the nearest dock and get the water with ease. Even an experience boater can have his or hands full when kids are involved. Let he captain operate the boat while you give your full attention to the ride and your kids!

Generally, children 6 and under generally fall asleep with in 35 minutes or so. Older children do well with the hour and half.

Have a special request? Ask the captain! He caters to your needs to the best of his ability

The alternatives to getting on the water with kids on Lake Chelan:

1. Boat Rentals are generally a half day minimum to rent. Plus, there is a lot more commitment and time before and after a boat rental that many don’t activate and sometimes that can drag out your experience unnecessarily. Docking, fueling and operating can be too much with the family in tow.

2. Jet Ski Rentals can also be a lot of commitment with children in tow, but mostly operating a jet ski with children on board isn’t as fun as you might think. A fair amount of family jet ski experiences turn sour after flipping the jet ski, failing to get back on or flipping the whole thing back over.

3. The ferry system is very nice, but takes all day with little time to do much else with your day unless you stay over night and that can be expensive as well as inconvenient.

4. Kayaks and SUPs can be fun, but doesn’t quite yield a real taste of what this lake and area really have to offer.

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