Better Than Renting A Boat or Jet Ski on Lake Chelan

1. Most boat rental services do not include fuel in their pricing.

  • A fair amount of boaters are surprised to find out that they have to replace the fuel they used at nearly $5.00 a gallon! WoW!

  • @ChelanJet includes fuel in all services.

Actual photo of a fuel pump on Lake Chelan.

2. During peak season your boat rental time could be cut short by the following:

  • Congestion can set back your departure time by more than an hour in come cases.

  • @ChelanJet doesn’t start your time until we are passed the No-Wake Zone.

  • There is a surprising amount paperwork work to fill out and a very small office to do it in.

  • @ChelanJet has no paperwork to fill out.

  • If there is a line for fuel, that generally comes off your time or possibly charged extra for being late.

  • @ChelanJet fueling not only is included in the pricing, but is taken care of by the captain.

3. The major boat rentals are only located a couple miles up lake and there is NOT enough parking!

  • Especially during peak season, PARKING is a NIGHTMARE!

  • @ChelanJet has convenient pick up locations so you don’t have to give up your parking spot!